Walking Together Forever

Walking Together Forever

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where do I begin?

It has been ages, as you can see that I have posted. I will just tell you about this week and just put pictures in of earlier. Let's see, Monday, Bug turned 15, yes, permit age. Bug and I went to get a pedicure and manicure. It was a blast! I have never painted my toenails.

Tuesday, on my way out of town to go to my embroidery class, Logan calls me and he had a flat tire. So, yet again, I skip my class, went and helped him. We went to Big O and asked if it could be patched. They came back saying, "Uh.....no, he's been driving on this flat for a long time!" Dork!!!!! So we got a used one.

Oh don't forget Sunday! We went to the emergency room with Morgan, she fell off her bike the week before and was in the ER, but they said it wasn't broken. At church, she was crying, so we asked Brother Elders who is an ER doc an he said she needs a Spika Splint. So back to the ER.

Thursday, I got a doc apt, for my eye. I've been having sharp eye pain. They said that there are little dots on my cornea, basically cells were sluffing off. They were confused as to why. They send me home with thick lubrication drops and pain drops. Well Friday, the pain was way worse, so I went back in and the spots has gotten bigger. So they gave me anti-virel meds. I'm feeling better.

Oh but wait, the best for last.....Thursday when I was in the eye doc, Logan calls me, "Mom.... I just got into a car wreck, can you come". I could't because my eyes were dialated and couldn't drive. I called Jeanel Tomnitz, who was at our house, she's a good friend, and asked her to go. Logan is fine, but the passenger side is way mashed up. Yup, he's had his liscense for 3 wks, yes you heard me right..... 3 wks. I have to admit it wasn't his fault, but it was not cool.

Logan leaves tomorrow for his high adventure trip, then the next week, Bug goes to girls camp. Then the next week, Bug leaves and flies to IF for 3 wks to visit Steve, Joni, Mom and dad, Doran and Monty. She's very busy, but having fun.

She made the highschool cheer squad for the boys basketball! She's so excited. She has lost 25 lbs, and she looks fabulous! Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the summer, the cheer team meet in the gym and work out and learn stunts and cheers, she's getting Buff!

Hope all is well with you all!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I have hit my "sweet spot"

Wow, so I got on the scale today and I have lost a total of 46 lbs!!! I am so thrilled I can hardly stand it. I went grocery shopping to Aldi's, bread store and Walmart, and I sprinted and bee-bopped around like there was no tomorrow. I have so much energy, it's fabulous! I can't wait to see how much energy I have when I lose another 50 lbs! I don't ever regret my decision to have lap-band. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I will dance and play with my grand children because of this!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2nd time's the charm

I have been reading Steve's blog and seeing pictures of Austin and the babies, christmas and car wreck. I figured it was time to catch up on news.

Christmas: Logan got a new car..... old but new to him, a 99 mercury Buick, forest green. He got nothing else. That is his Christmas and Birthday. He's totally fine with that being that he is 16 in Feb.

Bug: New professional flute, and a itouch. She was nice and gave Logan her old ipod to him for Christmas, so he did have something to open besides grandparents. Her and Logan spent all day putting new music on their ipods. Tori's itouch also came with a $50 gift card, so she spent all day downloading apps and games.

Morgan: Santa gave her a membership to Club Penguin online. No clue what they do, I think it's gay, but they love it, so, OK. We gave her a shopping spree in St louis where we got her ears pierced and got to shop and eat with just mom and dad. She said that was her most favorite gift EVER! We went the day after Christmas, so the West County mall was horrible! She also got a new DSI.

Rylan: He, amazingly, was not all about cars this year. He has learned that he loves legos. NOT DUBLOS, because he's a big kid now. Since Logan isn't playing with them anymore, we stuck the table and a HUGE tub of legos downstairs. He's there for hours. He intertwines the legos with cars, so he's not all the way out of cars. I have to admit, Santa did get him 5 new cars and they were opened first and formost. The rest of his gifts were Lego sets that he can put together. Santa also brought a new membership to Club Penguin. He also got a new DSI.

Kevin: He has been dying for a the new 27" Mac. We ordered it for him and he got it early. He told me no more gifts, but, we never stick to that. I gave him 3 DVD's of Looney Toons, his favorite. He also got a DSI with 3 new games. He always stills Ruth's so he can play Zelda, and I never get to play mine, so I got him one. He opened it and laughed and said that we weren't supposed to get each other anything. HA!

Ruth: My laptop was getting old, so when he got his new computer I got a new Macbook Pro. Very nice! So, no need for more presents! He, of course, didn't stick to it and got me a purse! My man knows me so well! And he got me a spa treatment, he knows me so well!!!!!!

We don't do Christmas dinner at our house, mainly because I'm lazy. Our tradition is Christmas breakfast casserole. When we spent Christmas up at the Davis's one year I made it there and it was a big hit for them too. I didn't make it one year and ALL the kids complained, even Kevin, so our tradition is Christmas casserole! YUMMMMMMMMY!

All of us spent all day Christmas with our new electronics, not talking to anyone! I was perturbed, but no one wanted to stop, but they were all happy.

On to other news, Logan made the play at school, he was Simmon in DAVID AND LISA. Very somber play about an insane assylym. He also made 2nd chair in the top band at highschool. Being a Sophomore, that's great. He has also started taking piano lessons and has proclaimed he wants to go into piano pedegody. The picture of him with classes if of him in the play, he was a nerd. He did his part a little tooooo well! :-) Logan also went on his first date, but not really date. His friend's boyfriend broke up with her the day before homecoming, so Logan being who he is, said he would take her. They had a blast.

Bug: She made Cheerleader, no surprise there. The big surprise is that she didn't want to do volleyball this year. I have come to realize that she is our sports fanatic, and wants to try every sport. She tried volleyball, did very well, but wanted to move on. Cheerleading is the only thing she has stuck with. She's done, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, um..... don't know what else. But it doesn't hold her interest for long, but Cheerleading has. She has also taken up quilting along with her mom. She has made a beautiful quilt, which is black, pink, and purple. She just needs to quilt it on the machine and she will be done.

Kevin: He is still High Priest Group Leader at church and does very well. He loves, I repeat, LOVES, his job at the hospital. Recently, while I was home visiting mom and dad over Halloween, I felt strongly I wanted to move back to Idaho. I came home and we prayed about it. The Lord said "NO WAY". Kevin was much relieved!

Ruth: I love to quilt and spent the entire trip up to Idaho, for 2 wks, quilting and shopping with mom. It was THE most precious time I had. Mom and dad are starting to be like grandma Stephenson and tell lots of stories. I usually just say yeah, yeah, but this time, when dad told a story, I would hurry after and write it in my journal. I will never forget my time with him, knowing that time is precious with him right now. I have also had my dreams come true, finally! Logan was trying out for band chairs, and they usually tell each student what they need to work on, well with Logan, they both just looked at Logan and said, "you are taking private lessons aren't you?" "Uh, yes..... my mother!" Boy were they surprised! They immediately called me up and asked if I would be willing to help with the high school. Sure! It soon ended up, that I was helping every grade from 7-12th grade. I go to 3-4 classes a day, about 3-4 times a week to help the students. I am totally having a ball! The teachers are so impressed with how well the students are responding that I got an email from Craig French, the assistant teacher, asking if I would please come as much as possible this next semester, like every day! No more sleeping in for me, I guess. I kinda wish I would get paid for it, but it's totally volunteer. Oh well, I'm totally having the time of my life, and learning that I am a good teacher, but need to no be so serious with the kids. I've been very blessed that I am able to do this now that the kids are in school.

All in all, we have had a great year. I can't find the picture of Logan from the play, I will find it and add it later. I'm going to also post some video of Christmas, hopefully it will work! The photos of the little kids are from the photobooth on the computer here. They love taking videos and photos and then distort their faces. They spend ours doing this!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Woo! I'm a freshmen now!!! So much is going on!!! Band, home, school, and bed have basically been my life at the moment.
As Logan has said, this saturday we got 2nd place in our division and then the week before we got 3rd in our division and would have gotten into finals but we got rained out. Sad day. But it has been so much fun!!! Saturday was my first good competition and it was amazing to see all the bands show off their stuff.I'm so happy that I've decided to do band.
Since I chose to do band, I gave up volleyball, sadly. I went to the first two days of try outs and then walked in the third day, thought "No, I can't be here." And walked out. It was hard, let me tell you that. But I'm glad I did it. I wouldn't have any time to do homework or anything though. But I also learned that my first game I felt a much better sense of accomplishment on marching than I do with volleyball. It truly is a team sport with no one left behind. I like it so much better.
Let's see...... school. In the same order as listed as I do at school, I do band, biology, honors english, algebra, gym, spanish, and finally, history. I don't really have a favorite subject because they are all just so fun!!!!....... Yeah not really. Haha. But none of the classes are really giving me a hard time anyway. So It's alright. But I also did make the yearbook committee for my school. So I'm excited to do that too. :)
I'm not sure if everyone has heard yet, but I'm so excited for this saturday because I'm getting my patriarchal blessing then!!! I'm so excited!!! It was my goal to get my blessing before my freshmen year or before I was 14, but this is pretty close. As the day comes closer, I'm getting more and more excited but also, more and more nervous!!! But it will help so much.
Well, I must go. Talk to all of you later!!!!! Bye

I've done some stuff....

Well I just went to Homecoming, and wow was that fun!!! I went with a freshman. The theme was shaking it with the 50s. I asked her in an awesome way. I decorated her lcker with black and white balloons, streamers, flowers, and confetti. (her dress is black and white. color cooridination is how i work ^_^) She was sooo excited. After the dance, I took Hannah to Steak and Shake. We each ended up going home at around 1 am.

I made it into another play. This one is called David and Lisa. Unlike the musical I was in, this is a play and I actually have a speaking part. I play the part of Simon, who is a depressed nerdy kid who has no friends. lol. The play goes November 4-7. I'll tell you guys how it goes.

School is doing okay. The only class that stinks is Chemistry 1. The teacher doesnt like to explain what she's teaching very well. So most everyone is on their own when it comes to homework. However, my mom made a bet with me that if i got an A on this next test, that she would get me my drivers permit. So 2 days ago i took the test.... and got a 95%!!! This Friday I'm taking the test and hopefully getting my permit!!

Marching band this year is going great! I'm playing first part in our show, Chronometry. The movements are called Grandfather Clock, Stopwatch, and Hourglass. The music and marching is definitely intense. Yesterday we went to Washington and got 2nd in our division!! Loads of fun! District band is coming up in about 2 weeks or so. This time I'm actually practicing, so the plan is to make the all state band this year!

Piano is going great. I don't have all the time I'd like to practice, but I'm still progressing. I volunteer every now and then playing at a seniors home. They totally love me. It's great to do something fun with my talent.

Well, I'll let you know if something else comes up! Life is great and I'll try and keep you guys updated. Have fun and talk to ya later!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Figured I would write.

Hello Out There!! Ha ha. Well, I thought that since I haven't written in a while and plus the parents are gone, I would write. So here are some updates I guess on my life and what's been going on.

First off, in January, I got into district band and I got first chair out of, what?,  10 flutes. It was an amazing experience and I had so much fun. I could actually tell when other people and myself were out of tune, ESPECIALLY our piccolo who sat next to me.
I am taking private flute lessons and am doing fabulous on that. She said that her students and her will be doing a concert type thing where each of her flute students and well playing piano students (which Morgan began about a month ago but am not sure if she will do this) will each play a solo piece that we've worked on and a duet piece that they have worked on with her. Amazing huh??

I guess while I'm still on the musical path of my life I will say that I made first chair in my 8Th grade band and we will be going to six flags April 25 to do "Music in the Parks" competition. After we play out concert at 8 a.m. We will be riding over to six flags and play in the park for quite a few hours. I am so excited!!! And our 8Th grade band is one of the best: says our band directors anyway. Maybe they're biased. : ) Oh, then later on in the year towards the end the 8Th grade band and the high school bands will be putting on a huge performance in Castleman Hall (a huge auditorium that is in downtown Rolla to put on shows and other cool stuff). I'm excited for that too except that there will be a lot more people to mess up in front of so its a bit more nerve-racking.

Let's see, to get off of the musical path let us go onto the school path. : ) I have straight A's in all of my classes so far and I am going to take summer school to get rid of gym and health so I can do another class next year for fun. Whenever we do parent/teacher conferences and my parents see my grade card, they (especially Mom) don't really want to talk to my teachers because they know I'm good and everything. It's quite funny actually to see them complain like that. I never really see them complain. Makes me think of little kids. (Love you Mom and Dad ^_^)

Well my health is..... My health is.. Well as normal. I'm sick right now with the flu but its the beginning of Spring Break so I'll hopefully get over it soon. You guys know me... Its just sick all year round for me. : ) I now have glasses to wear all the time... I have tendinitis in my wrists from playing the flute and the piano. Also from texting and computer typing too. I can't really do it as much as I want to now. *tear* This is actually the first long time I've been on the computer since last Friday when I found out. Anyway, other than that my health is good. Good news though!!! I'm not sure if anyone knew but I used to have to get tubs in my ears every 4-6 months. October 31, 2005 though, we found out that I was allergic to 7 different foods: corn, beef, pork, egg, peanut, soybeans, and wheat. So since we found that out. I didn't have to get tubs in for at least 3 1/2 years!!!!! It was my new record!! Then, unfortunately, Dad went out of town for a month and Mom made foods that I wasn't supposed to eat but I ate them anyway. Bad choice, I had to get tubs again 3 weeks ago. So now I'm going to try to make a new record (again) and try to go for at least 5 years. If I can help it, never again get tubs replaced.

Alrighty, let's see, to wrap it up, my parents went out of town this weekend to go get a dog in Georgia. I know, they're crazy to want to get up early and get there 10 hours later JUST to get a dog then sleep overnight, then drive back with the dog. Weird, I know.  But anyway, so I am in charge of Morgan and Rylan this weekend and surprisingly they have been pretty good. I mean, a little fussing here and there but you know, that's little kids+a teenager=fighting at least every once in a while. Alright. I think I've got it all for what's been going on lately and I will talk to you guys later!!

Love to all!!

P.S. The picture up top is the closest picture I could find to what I look like now. With my new hair and glasses. ^_^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

update on me

Hi all, I don't think Kevin has had the chance to call everyone, so I thought I would post what has happened. On Monday morning at 3:00 AM I got up to take some pain medicine and I always have some flem in my throat, so i spit into the sink and noticed some blood. I immediatly got Kevin up and and he tried different things and he also saw that it was coming from a whole the size of a que tip head. So we went and on the way it slowed way down. We got into the ER and I don't know if it was me moving around but it started bleeding a ton. I was constantly spitting blood. On the way to the hospital, Kevin was talking to me and when I went downstairs to rinse my mouth, He usually falls back asleep, he told me that he just layed there and prayed, I could tell he was worried. Well, they didn't have aroom and wow, I haven't seen Kevin pull rank and use his clout EVER! He said that I was a post op bleed and I need a room NOW! The nurses thought I was fine, so he called Dr. Krenning, the woman who did my surgery. She immediatly ran in and said to get me in a room STAT! Well, I have never had people move around me so fast in all my life. JudyAnn (the doc) got there and then all hell broke lose. She asked for sucktion and I thought I would die, she suctioned way back into my throat and it made me gag hundreds of times, but she pulled the rest of the scab off and then noticed another bleed further down my throat, so she kept suctioning, can i say OWWWWW! WELL THEN she made me gargel with cups and cups of ice cold water to try and stop the bleed, can I say another OWWWW! All the while suctioning after each spit. She couldn't get thebleeding to stop and by this time I kind a lost it. My blood preasure dropped to 80/50 and I felt very faint and kinda lost my surroundings. All I remember is her suctioning and it hurting so bad I was screaming, and Kevin pushing on the back on my head because I was pulling away. There were about 4 nurses running around getting more ice water. She then used um..... Oh i don't know what it's called, but to cauterize the bleeding, can I say another huge OWWWWWW!!!!! She called in the OR staff STAT because she couldn't get the bleeding to stop. I don't know how long the time was, but she finally got the bleeding stopped and i didn't need surgery. Finally I sorta came back around and they were trying to get an IV in me, but since I haven't eaten or drunk in 11 days it took 4 times to find a vain that wouldn't blow. I remember falling asleep finally and they took me up to a room to watch for till noon. I slept all day and came home and slept when I came home. I have never been so weak and tired. That night Kevin gave me a blessing and in the blessing he said that my children would be OK during this time of crisis and they would be blessed for their obidience. He blessed me that it would take longer than usual, but that I would make a full recovery. I have NEVER just felt so much peace after a blessing. Well the next morning we had to take mom to the airport and I woke up feeling, literally 100% better than I did. i think getting rid of those scabs helped so I could swallow easier.

The other bad thing that happened is that when I went into surgery, they said i needed an awake intibation. I was furious! But I guess in the records, they said I was very hard to intibate and the almost lost me, so he wouldn't do anything but an awake intibation. They said they would give me plenty or versaid and other drugs. Well, all I know is that it didn't work, I remember EVERYTHING, every conversation, I remember Dr. Knox telling Cindy to pull back out and go back in. Then when they did get it I remember thinking that I would die because I couldn't breathe. I remember taking Kevin's hand and squeezing, hopeing he would know that I knew exactly what happened. I told Dr. Krenning afterword, and oh, boy I have never seen a Doctor get so angry EVERY. Boy she had some words with Anesthesia. I WILL NEVER HAVE SURGERY AGAIN! if I have to do the fiberoptic intibation. That was the most horrific thing I have ever been through.

Soooo, all in all it has been the worst experience in my life, and one I hope to never repeat. Thank you for all your prayers and calls. I love you all so much!